Highlights to Our Work

We take pride in all of our work and our proud at what we do. Below is a sample of some of our work.

KARMA Creation Color Grading

Digital Intermediate (Log to Rec.709) Punjabi Music Song – “Kulli”

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Digital Intermediate (Log to Rec.709) Punjabi Music Song

Photo Editing & Manipulation

Our passionate team of motion graphics designers empower you to tell great stories for your business. We believe it’s only when you tell great stories you become one. We enable you to stand out with unique visual brand identity and get the attention your business deserves! These videos help you to innovate by giving you […]

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Motion Graphics

At KARMA Creation our visual effects (VFX) artists push the limits of what is possible creatively and technically at the most competitive costs.

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Visual Effects (VFX)

3D modelling is the process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional object or shape

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3D Modeling & Animation

We let you share your thoughts directly to the public with our eye-catching poster designs that no one can resists.

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Poster Designs